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T: Urorek – instructions for use: why is he better than Omnik, what is included in it and what other analogues exist
From what they take the drug Urorek – we will study the instructions for use and find out what he is better than Omnik, what is included in the composition and whether there are analogues cheaper.

How to take Urorek: detailed instructions for use

Prostatic hyperplasia or adenoma of the prostate gland is a urological pathology that is common among men aged 40-50 years. The disease is characterized by the growth of organ tissues due to the division of cells of the glandular epithelium and zolpidem addiction the stromal component. Due to compression of the urethra by the neoplasm, obstructed, frequent urination is observed. The drug Urorek, instructions for use of which are presented below, is intended to eliminate all the negative symptoms of the disease.

The content of the article

  • general characteristics
  • Main indications and contraindications
  • Rules of application
    • Overdose
  • Useful video: silodozin Urorek
  • Side effects
    • special instructions
    • Compatibility with alcohol
  • Closest analogues
    • Omnik or Urorek – which is better?
  • Useful video: the effectiveness and safety of silodozin Urorek
  • Conclusion

general characteristics

Urorek is one of the leading representatives of the clinical and pharmacological group of drugs for alpha-adrenoreceptor antagonists. Their stimulation helps to reduce the muscle tone of the prostatic part of the urethra, bladder neck and prostate gland.

As a result, the severity of irritation and obstruction caused by hyperplasia is reduced, urine flow is greatly facilitated. The positive effect of taking the drug provides dragon pharma steroids the active ingredient silodozin. Side effects are unlikely, so Urorek is in great demand among older people.

The main manufacturer of the drug is the Irish company. In pharmacies, it is impossible to find tablets of the same name, syrups or solutions for injections. The drug Urorek is available only in the form of hard capsules. The shell has a yellow tint, made from edible gelatin. Inside is a white crystalline powder. Depending on the concentration of the active substance, you can choose Urorek 8 mg or 4 mg. Auxiliary items:

  • magnesium stearate – acts as a stabilizer;
  • titanium dioxide – provides perfectly white color of the powder;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate – helps to keep the shape of the shell;
  • starch – is responsible for the strength of the capsules.

Silodozin has a cumulative effect due to its high affinity for plasma proteins – about 90%, so the substance circulates for a long time in the bloodstream.

Note! The content of silodosin in tissues increases slowly, which means that an instant improvement in health is impossible.

But after the course, there is always a long therapeutic effect on the drug (up to 1 year).

The drug is excreted mainly through the intestines and kidneys. Partial removal takes a lot of time – about 15 hours.

Consultation with a doctor

Main indications and contraindications

Due to the positive effect on the functioning of the urinary organs, Urorek capsules are most effective in the treatment of prostate adenoma and inflammation of the prostate gland – from prostatitis. The drug is always part of complex therapy. Despite the great potential of the active substance, Urorek is unable to eliminate hyperplasia or acute inflammatory process on his own.

Strong contraindications to the use of medication Urorek are:

  • individual intolerance of the main or any of the auxiliary components of the drug;
  • severe renal or hepatic impairment;
  • adolescence, children age less than 18 years.

In chronic diseases of internal organs, it is necessary to treat prostate pathology under constant medical supervision. In case of deterioration of well-being, it is recommended that the drug be withdrawn with subsequent symptomatic treatment.

Rules of application

To achieve the maximum positive effect, the reception time should be the same. The drug Urorek has good absorbing properties, so it is taken during or after meals, but no later than an hour later.

If it was possible to purchase medicine only in a lower concentration – 4 mg, then the doctor advises taking Urorek twice a day, one capsule or 2 units at a time. However, this form of release is optimal for people suffering from diseases of the liver and kidneys of moderate severity.

For them, the initial daily dosage is no more than 4 mg of silodosin, since the degree of accumulation of a substance in the tissues more than doubles that of healthy people — 3.7 mg versus 1.7 mg. In the absence of violations of the internal organs, the dose is increased to the standard. The capsule Urorek 8mg is also drunk once a day.

How long the course of treatment will be determined only by the attending physician. Most often, its duration reaches several months, so one month of continuous medication does not help cure the prostate.

In order to determine the effectiveness of the chosen therapy, the patient must periodically undergo a series of examinations – laboratory and instrumental.


In case of an overdose with Urorek, the following symptoms may occur:

  • compensatory tachycardia is a type of arrhythmia in which the frequency of contractions of the heart muscle reaches 90 or more beats per minute;
  • a sharp decrease in blood pressure – less than 90 mm Hg. Art. systolic, 60 mm Hg. Art. diastolic.

To eliminate the side effects of excessive silodosin, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the stomach, take activated charcoal or a laxative drug, a vasoconstrictor. Necessarily symptomatic treatment aimed at increasing the volume of circulating blood, stabilizing the work of the kidneys. Conducting hemodialysis is meaningless, given the high binding of the active substance with plasma proteins.

Useful video: silodozin Urorek

Side effects

According to many clinical trials, medical products such as Urorek are relatively well tolerated. If a patient is diagnosed only with a patient’s prostate that causes discomfort during urination and intercourse, then the probability of complications after taking the medicine is minimized. Rare, but possible side effects of the drug:

  • intestinal upset, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth;
  • nasal congestion with no other signs of a cold;
  • episodic dizziness, up to loss of consciousness;
  • hypotension with a change in body position – from horizontal to vertical;
  • deterioration of erection, decreased libido, problems with ejaculation – the complete absence of ejaculation or a return request adilacoffee.net for sperm.

Any of the named side effects of the drug disappears after discontinuation of the drug Urorek, very rarely requires specific treatment. Research on the effect of the drug on the ability to concentrate was not conducted, therefore Urorek or its direct analogues are not recommended for use before driving vehicles or performing hazardous work.

special instructions

Urorek should stop using the medication several days before the planned surgical intervention.

Compatibility of the active substance with other groups of drugs is quite high. In the complex therapy may be present antispasmodics, antiseptics, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial agents, as well as representatives of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, which contribute to the reduction of tumor tissue.

Categorical prohibited the simultaneous intake of this medication with other types of alpha-blockers.

If, after starting Urerek, the prostate is sore and worried more than before, you should immediately stop the prescribed therapy and contact your doctor. After additional diagnostics, the doctor may prescribe other drugs, similar to the mechanism of action.

Compatibility with alcohol

As with any other drugs that help lower blood pressure, Urorek and alcohol are completely incompatible. Ethanol significantly enhances the inhibitory effect on the work of the central nervous system, which is fraught with dangerous consequences. Neglecting this recommendation also increases the risk of side effects.

Important! After taking a large dose of alcohol and the drug Urorek, the patient may require emergency medical care.


Closest analogues

The average cost of the drug Urorek varies from 700 to 800 rubles, while the dosage of 4 mg is not much cheaper than the standard 8 mg. Patients are often mistaken in the name of asking pharmacies Urotek. There is no medication with this name. In the absence of the right medication on sale, at the discretion of the doctor, it can be replaced by the following analogs:

  • Omnick;
  • Tamsulosin;
  • Tulosin;
  • Revocarine;
  • Silodozin;
  • Taniz-K and others.

Despite the similar mechanism of action, each of these drugs has its own contraindications, side effects and other important conditions for its use. Self replacement of the drug Urorek other is not allowed. In addition, they all belong to a number of prescription drugs, therefore not available in the free market. The shelf life of such drugs does not exceed 2 years. The manufacturer is not responsible for the occurrence of non-specific side effects due to the use of the drug after the expiration date.

Omnik or Urorek – which is better?

Omnik, as one of the closest analogues, is also a powerful alpha blocker. Its cost is at the same level: 700–800 rubles, in some regions it can reach 900 rubles. per pack. The main active ingredient is tamsulosin. Omnick helps to improve urodynamics by relaxing the smooth muscles of the internal genital organs related to the work of the prostate.

Daily dosage is 4 mg. Contraindications: insufficiency of the kidneys and end-stage liver, individual intolerance of the constituent elements, children’s age. As with the over the counter viagra drug Urorek, omnic provokes side effects rarely. These include:

  • violations of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • dizziness, fainting;
  • hypotension, tachycardia;
  • retrograde ejaculation, decreased sexual desire.

Based on the description of Omnik, it becomes obvious that the drugs are completely identical in their action. Specialists can not determine which one is better, since a positive effect in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia is observed in both cases.

Useful video: the effectiveness and safety of silodozin Urorek


Prostatitis and prostate adenoma are among the most common diseases among men over 40 years old. High-quality therapy is impossible without the use of alpha-adenoblockers, which contribute to the relief of urination. The use of medication, in accordance addicted to ambien with the prescriptions of the doctor, guarantees success in the treatment of urogenital pathologies.

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