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Our service

Perhaps you are concerned that your oven is just too much of a mess to rescue and are a little embarrassed to invite us in.
Please don’t worry, you can be assured we’ve seen worse and not failed a challenge yet.
We won’t judge and a cup of tea might always help!

The Process!

  • We arrive at the appointed time – smiling
  • Floors are covered with protective sheets
  • The cooker is carefully dismantled – Removable parts (racks, trays side panels) are taken to our vehicle’s unique heated dip-tank where they will soak in a bio-degradable solution
  • The main door and glass are dismantled and dipped guaranteeing the removal of all grease and carbon deposits
  • The oven cavity is cleaned using an eco-friendly degreasing solution, scraper, wire wool cleaning paste and elbow grease
  • All cleaning products are guaranteed 100% bio-degradable and non-caustic with no fumes or bad smells
  • The oven is reassembled and polished to a gleaming showroom condition, ready for immediate use
  • Replacement seals, bulbs and filters can be supplied and fitted on request

We are certain you will be surprised at the finished results.

Oven before and after cleaning
Comparison of oven before and after cleaning.

Cleaning products!

We ensure our cleaning products are biodegradable and safety data sheets are readily available.

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